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Re: <nettime> Facebook

Dear nettimers,

the Facebook Question is a timely and necessary debate. It turns out that we’re trapped. It is neither politically correct to leave, nor is it to stay. This is the perfect example of the current stagnation (also known as The Great Regression). 

This topic was already discussed a decade ago. I personally left Facebook as part of the first Leaving Facebook campaign, together with 50.000 others, in 2010, to protest against 

Together with Korinna Patelis our Institute of Network Cultures, together with many others, started the Unlike Us network, back in July 2011. At the time we were still confident that alternatives would be able to make a real difference, and that the global tribe would eventually move on—as we all did, coming from Friendster, the blogosphere, Myspace, email lists, forums, Geocities or Hyves. 

The problem we’re facing now should not be dealt with through moral policing. This nettime debate clearly shows that have moved on from there. The attitude of the radical left and autonomous movements across the globe towards Facebook clearly shows this. Whereas many aspects of life are used to controlled other comrades (such as eating meat, flying, language control), this is not the case with Facebook (let alone Instagram or WhatsApp). 

Ironically, it is precisely after the Cambridge Analytica scandal and now the Libra controversy, that there are viable alternatives available for literally any internet service.

Much like in the search engine alternatives debate is already happening for some time, we should 1. demoralize the debate 2. not expect anything much from governments or Brussels (or the UN, for that matter) and instead 3. focus to make it damn easy do a mass exodus of networks, profiles (code word: data or profile portability). 

Below are some links we collect together at the INC Unlike Us list and Sam de Silva's Billions list (as part of ‘collaborative text filtering’, one of nettime’s original aims and practices that we all continue doing up until today). 

What’s striking is the lack of places to have this debate. Everyone is talking about social media but there is little or no room for strategic collaborative thinking in this vast realm. There is plenty of reseach, a overwhelming amount of ‘use’ but little or no space to ask the ‘what’s to be done’ question. We’re all trapped in our very own way, either inside or outside.

Great we’re discussing this here!

Best, Geert

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Here is AG Barr’s full letter to Facebook asking it not to make messages completely secret - 3 Oct 2019 - AG William Barr asked Facebook to postpone encryption plans in a draft of an open letter originally obtained by BuzzFeed News. Facebook previously announced plans to integrate and encrypt its three messaging services, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.  • Officials from the U.K. and Australia joined Barr’s call for Facebook to create a way for law enforcement to access illegal content.

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