Karin Spaink on Tue, 5 Nov 2019 18:57:27 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Plan B, the new XS4all

I’m not sure that all of you have seen this: 

Plan B, a new, independent ISP & follow-up of XS4all, was launched today. After many deliberations, including attempts to convince KPN to keep XS4all as an independent ISP, and when that fell through: a serious attempt to buy XS4all with the help of a trusted investos, only to be brushed off by KPN, XS4allMoetBlijven has shifted gears.

- they will start a new ISP;
- they have a viable business plan;
- you can sign up starting Nov 11;
- they will be hiring people, starting Nov 11, too;
- they will start delivering internet services to subscribers early 2020

To accomplish all that, Plan B
- needs capital, and public support, and hence:
- it started a crowdfunding loan campaign yesterday, aiming for a minimum of 1,25 mln and aspiring to 2,5 mln.
- promising all lenders a 3 percent profit, to be paid alongside the instalments, over the next 4 years.

Within 12 hours, they gathered almost 1 mln euro in loans. Current amount gathered: 1.647.206 euro. And please note that the avarage amount loaned is an effing 866 euro per investor.

This is extraordinary: the fund raising campaign for English version of The Correspondent was widely - even internationally - publicised and promoted, yet it took The Correspondent _eight_ fucking days to reach the one million mark. Plan B reached that same mark in just over 12 hours, with no press _at all_ surrounding the start of their loan campaign.

It's a blast from the past: when XS4al started way back when, they hoped that they’d gather 500 subscribers within the ensuing year: that would tide them over. Instead, they got more than 500 subscribers in one weekend. The same thing is happening now.

If you want to join:
If you want to read up:

Nothing is inevitable till it happens, and everything is inevitable once it has happened.
- A.J.P. Taylor

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