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[oldboys] the mysterious miss.gunst i.d.

dear helene, connie & all,

first of all:
sorry for the delay, I needed some days to unsbscribe my old address
from the list and to subscribe with the new one, and this is not only
the reason for the probably awaited answers/comments to helenes reaction
to the obn@venice-posting, but also for the mysterious miss.gunst that
posted the related mail to several lists.

as some of you already know, I recently not
not only moved my website [from the mainz art academy server to
http://www.kuni.org/v/ - for those who want to change their
bookmarks ;-) ], but also changed my email adress_es_ (in plural):
the old mainz-based email adress will run out very soon
(so please delete kuni@mail.uni-mainz.de from your adress books/lists
etc.), and while I will use the verena@kuni.org id for personal
purposes, I decided to use my miss.gunst@gmx.net id as list id
in order to separate my mailing list traffic from the rest.
of course I am aware that the name,
miss.gunst, due to the negative associations with "Missgunst" can
easily lead to mis(s)interpretations - but well, I have to admit, at
least in part this is part of the game.

anyway, the reason I chose it is a very simple one: Since 1997, I am
running a radio show on art issues called "GUNST", accompanied by an
email-newsletter with the same name ("GUNSTkalender"). "Gunst" is the
german word for "favour" - but when the german word for art, "Kunst", is
spoken with Frankfurt dialect, it also sounds like "Gunst"; so there's
also a word play that relates to the fact the radio show (and the
newsletter as well as its sender) are based in Frankfurt and paying
special attention to things going on in the local art scene (without
being limited to it, of course). so this is the main reason I created
the miss.gunst id for sending the GUNST newsletter - but, well, taking
in account that "missgunst" ("envy", "jealousy" or, as another beautiful
translation puts it: "ill will") is also one of the forces driving the
art scene and its chats with impact, I felt even more attracted by it.
so, and I hope nobody is disappointed, there's nothing mysterious about

for my comments related to the flower boquet for vuk,
please see the next mail...


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