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[oldboys] rere: obn@venice : mind the flowers!


>> imagine, vuk was not invited himself, he curated an autonomous pavillion.
>So, why did vuk say (last week on a lecture at the Edith-Ruß- center for
>media art in Oldenburg), that he was invited to create the slowenian
>pavillon and that he was the first ever in venice to invite other artists to
>participate in his show instaed of doing a one man show?

what was confusing for many people is, that there were two different appreances of vuk: 
one as one of three artists in the Sloveina pavillion (where he just showed his personal oeuvre). the pavillion has been curated by Aurora Fonda.

AND the autonomous pavillion which has been curated by vuk, which took place at a completely different location.  

I am not sure exactly if and what these two things have to do with eachother, but i will soon make an extended interview with vuk to give him the opportunity to explain more background details to a broader interested public.

btw: the title of the action was: "Mind the flowers"


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