doll yoko on 19 Jun 2001 13:13:35 -0000

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[oldboys] mind the flower power

At 12:31 PM 18/06/01 +0100, wrote:
>Therefore we have to be very precise WHAT we do and HOW and WHERE we place
>statements and acts.

from the perspective of a flower girl it seemed the intervention was nice 
-- it was a small pretty spectacle that suggested various readings -- it 
was ambiguous and humorous -- and therefore personally appealed to my 
aussie slimy brand of cyberfeminism

contrary to one of the comments made re mind the flower, i think this is 
the time for strategic * imprecision * -- a following of trajectories which 
might come from an intuitive response to a situation or from new 
imaginative counter hallucinations to the spectres of power and capital and 
control -- always  fluid, always unpredictable, temporary spontaneous acts

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