Helene von Oldenburg on 18 Jun 2001 10:30:43 -0000

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Re: [oldboys] rere: obn@venice : say it with flowers!

dear conny, dear all,

thanks for the information on the flower speach.

The question is not that the relation between net.art and "real" spaces, or
the transition from VR to RL is one of the most virulent places for
discussion and invention up to now.
Therefore we have to be very precise WHAT we do and HOW and WHERE we place
statements and acts.
Don't get me wrong: I do not criticizes your intentions.
I think what we have here is not a "misunderstanding" but a different
reading of the flower act and press release.
Isn't that interesting?!

> imagine, vuk was not invited himself, he curated an autonomous pavillion.

So, why did vuk say (last week on a lecture at the Edith-Ruß- center for
media art in Oldenburg), that he was invited to create the slowenian
pavillon and that he was the first ever in venice to invite other artists to
participate in his show instaed of doing a one man show?

> anybody can do that! and i have to say, this is not a bad idea, because the
> whole art world seems to gather in venice. you have the perfect audience.
> so, if you have to say something to the world, go to venice and make an
> autonomous pavillion. some obns are seriously thinking of that, too. don't
> be envious! just invite yourself:-))
 Great idea! With "don't be envious! just invite yourself:-))" as title and


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