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[oldboys] Re:Grzinic, it is good, but a small mistake

Dear OBN and Cornelia,

I just take the oportunity to thanks you and the OBN publicly for this very
useful data.

This is why I wrote to the list. I found extremly useful to have this data
and the posibility to check the details and see some up date www...

In my BIO is just wrong the name Aina  SMID (is the name of my devoted
collaborator, with her I am working exactly 20 years!!!). SO PLEASE CORERECT
now is written _mid MUST be SMID

BEST Marina
-----Izvorno sporoèilo-----
Od: Cornelia Sollfrank <>
Za: <>
Datum: 18. junij 2001 17:02
Zadeva: [oldboys] updated info for website/ pls. check


pls. check if the info included is up to date.
those who are not included are asked to send up-to-date information to ME.

the material will be put online early next week!

mille grazie, c.

Barbara Rechbach (AU) <>
lives in berlin. ma hypermedia studies at the university of westminster,
london. working with digital media - interactive multimedia, video,
webdesign. background in electronic arts and communication theory at the
academy for applied arts in vienna and the hypermedia research centre

Bertha Jottar Palenzuela (USA) <>
is a video artist from Mexico City who lived and worked between Tijuana and
San Diego for eight years. From 1988-1991, she was a member of Border Art
Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo. Founding member
of the art collective Las comadres and collaborator with the artist and
activist from Tijuana. Moved to New York in the Fall of 1994, Jottar is
currently working on an experimental documentary about Afro-Cuban rhuma
music in New York. She is finishing her Ph.D. in the Program of Performance
Studies at TISCH School of Arts at New York University.

Ellen Nonnenmacher (D) <>
was trained to be an artist in Hamburg. She was co-founder of frauen und
technik (women and technology), the once famous "-Innen", and she enjoyed
being an old boy for a while. Her harddisk is located in Berlin.

Faith Wilding (USA) <>,  <>
is a multidisciplinary artist, writer,teacher, and cultural activist. She
was one of the founders of the feminist art movement in California, and has
exhibited, performed, and published her work on women and biotechnology
internationally. Currently she's a recombinant cyberfeminist collaborating
with feminist/activist groups such as subRosa and CAE to investigate new
possibilities for an embodied cyberfeminism.
Faith Wilding Home Page:
Subrosa Home Page:

GashGirl (Adelaide/Rome) <>
has been working in the field of new media since 1984 as an arts manager,
curator, corporate geisha girl, cyberfeminist, puppet mistress and ghost.
Squandered hours investigating the artistic and erotic potential of
negotiated email relationships, online virtual communities and web-based
narrative architectures have been reverse engineered into multiple
fleshmeat, her novella about love, lust and death on the net, will be
published by <A HREF="";>SHAKE</A>.
<a href="";>dollspace</a> drifts through
haunted ponds, detestable pleasures and military bunkers testing the theses
that 'all women are ghosts and should rightly be feared', 'all history is
pornography' and 'laws are made by men who fuck their daughters'.
<a href="";>Los Dias y Las
Noches de los Muertos</A>, uses the soft architecture and screenal bodies of
the net to create a ghost work of counter-memories, opening thresholds of
impossibilities outside of pan-capitalism.
Recently GashGirl has morphed into Liquid Nation, a sibyl from future's
memory, joining <a Href="";>
Identity_Runners</a>, Ephemera and Discordia, throughout a weary
transportation of transmissions with time so small it stiches itself through
the imaginary framework as a voice revealing the thematics of our current
Her online projects squat the screens at <a

Iliyana Nedkova (BG/GB) <>
is an independent producer and researcher of old and new media art events.
She is currently an associate curator at the Foundation for Art & Creative
Technology - FACT, in Liverpool, where she has worked on "The Other Side of
Zero:Video Positive 2000", "Revolution98: ISEA98" and "Escaping Gravity:
Video Positive 1997".  She is also a MPhil/PhD research student at the
School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University. Her recent
projects and publications include "Spacecraft", "Virtual Revolutions", "The
Right One", "Crossing Over", "Communication Front", "Video Archaeology" and
"Seeing Through Flame". Iliyana regularly delivers talks at various
contemporary art forums and publishes widely.

Her evolving work can be seen on:

Ina Wudtke (D) <>
diploma at Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg/Germany (B.J. Blume).
Founded 1992 together with Claudia Reinhardt and Heiko Wichmann the Magazine
NEID. Brought the project NEID (=envy) on a higher, extended level
(transmedial works/shows ).Works with Vision, Sound, Word. Since 1992
on a foto project called 'foto-studies'. Ina Wudtke takes photographs of
members of different social groups, such as soldiers (German Bundeswehr),
groups, inhabitants of urban districts, Red Cross nurses, members of
communities (NYC orthodox Jews) etc. Wudtke's serial photography reproduces
the aesthetic standards that subsume the individual within the different
groups, but also raises fundamental questions concerning this phenomenon.
the partial integratation of text in her presen-tation, her work provides a
subtle commentary.  Lived in N.Y./Hamburg. Moved to Berlin.

Josephine Starrs (AUS) <>
is an Australian new media artist who has a schizoid relationship to new
technologies. While entranced with the playful possibilities of the medium,
she maintains a healthy paranoia of its obsessions and controlling
implications. She was a member of the cyberfeminist artist collective, VNS
Matrix, whose early performance work in virtual communities used irony and
humour to reveal the gendered biases hard wired into computer culture.

She worked with Leon Cmielewski to produce the CD-ROM "User Unfriendly
Interface", an ironic look at the hype surrounding cyberculture. Their
projects include a computer game patch entitled "Bio-Tek Kitchen" and
"Dream Kitchen", an interactive animation on CD ROM.

Kerstin Weiberg <>, <>
studied fine arts in the field of scupture, new media and performance
currently lives in Berlin and works in the field of computer aided
installation and web projects since 1990 collaborates with the cross media
performance group KONIC Thtr from Barcelona and since 1995 collaborates with
Richard Schuetz in context related installations and web projects

Mare Tralla [aka Disgusting Girl] (GB / Estonia) <>
is an Estonia-born artist who currently lives and works in London and
Tallinn. Presently, she is the Head of the E-Media Center at the Estonian
Academy of Arts. Her practice involves photography, video, installation,
performance and digital art. She co-curated "Private Views", a touring
exhibition of Estonian and British
contemporary art and was a co-editor of an accompanying academic book.
Recently she designed and programmed a collective CD-rom "Virtual
Revolutions". Her webwork is featured on

Maren Hartmann (GB/D) <>
is a Lecturer in Media and Communications at the University of Brighton in
the UK. She is also pursuing her PhD at the University of Westminster in
(a combination of Media Studies and the Hypermedia Research Centre). She has
studied in Berlin and Brighton (Sussex), where she also worked on a European
research network project (EMTEL). Her current research work is based around
the metaphorical aspects of cyberspace as an emerging culture (especially
the users and amongst these the cyberflaneur and cyberflaneuse).

Maria Fernandez <>
is an art historian (Ph.D. Columbia University, 1993) whose
interests center on postcolonial studies, electronic media theory, Latin
American Art and the intersection of those fields. She has taught at
Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of
Pittsburgh,  the University of Connecticut at Storrs and at the Master of
Fine Arts Program at Vermont College.
Selected texts:  "Postcolonial Media Theory" Third Text, 47 (summer, 1999)
expanded version in Art Journal, fall 1999.
"New Canons, Old Histories..."

Marina Grzinic (SI) <>
is doctor of philosophy and works as researcher at the Institute of
Philosophy at the ZRC SAZU (Scientific and Research Center of the Slovenian
Academy of Science and Art) in Ljubljana. She also works as a freelance
media theorist, art critic and curator. Marina Grzinic has been involved
with video art since 1982. In collaboration with Aina _mid she has produced
more than 30 video art projects, a short film, numerous video and media
installations, Internet websites and an interactive CD-ROM (ZKM,
Karlsruhe, Germany). Marina Grzinic has published hundreds of articles and
essays and 5 books, including  the text Grzinic, "Exposure Time, the Aura,
and Telerobotics" in The Robot
in the Garden: Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age of the Internet,
ed. Ken Goldberg (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2000)
in collaboration with Springerin, Vienna, 2000;

AXIS OF LIFE (Grzinic/ Smid)
NET.ART.ARCHIVE (Grzinic/ Smid)
Grzinic on Mars through Reiche/Oldenburg

Rachel Baker (GB) <>
Currently embarking on a residency at HTBA
Rachel Baker hopes to implement in an independent media distribution
network facility in Hull. The exploitation of the workplace is an ongoing
<> As part of Cultural Terrorist
Agency <> she is responsible for strategies in
raising funds for projects that promote cultural interference. The most
recent CTA project to be unleashed was GirM , a brand
of genetically modified goods placed discreetly on supermarket shelves.
Rachel Baker is also a keen advocate of audio networks
and has published a  d.i.y guide
and directory
Full CV at

Stephanie Wehner (NL) <>
playing with computers since the age of 16. experienced in irc. mostly
worked with freebsd, linux, sunos/solaris and bsdi. sys admin, programmer.
Currently working for ITSX.

Ulrike Bergermann (D) <>
Working in the media studies department at the University of Paderborn,
Germany, I am also busy in
the women's cultural center of Bremen, and living in Hamburg. My doctoral
dissertation deals with
discourses on writing and images and with sign language notation. Will be
working on genetics and
cybernetics soon. You'll find my publications on media and gender studies as
well as current projects,
lectures, courses etc. here:

See the HAND-lab based in Bremen, Germany, and its lectures, films,
exhibitions presented by women
researchers, artists and activists:

Vali Djordjevic (D) <>
lives and works in Berlin. Originally she studied comparative literature
before becoming a member of the Internationale Stadt Berlin, one of the
first net culture projects in Germany, 1996. She worked with Old Boys
Network 1997 and co-organized the first Cyberfeminist International at the
documenta X in Kassel. Now she is a member of mikro e.V.
<>, a Berlin based association examining the different
facets of media culture, and list administrator for the FACES mailing list
<>. She works in different contexts - from writing
and lectures to organizing events and setting up of computer networks - on
the topics of gender, networking, information and art.

Yvonne Volkart (CH) <>
is curator, art critic, writer and lecturer of German and New Media at the
Hochschule of Art and Design in Zurich. She lectures at several European art
schools and universities (such as University of Applied Arts, Vienna,
University of Zurich, Dep. Art History). She planned and organized several
conferences, and was one of the
coorganizers of »Next Cyberfeminist International«, Rotterdam, March 1999.
In spring 2000 she curated the show »Tenacity. Cultural Practices in the
Age of Bio- and Informationtechnologies«, New York/Zurich, March/July 2000
( She is currently writing a PhD about
gender, new media, and fantasies of the posthuman.

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