John Young on Mon, 21 Feb 2011 06:50:14 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Wisconsin report

The Wisconsin protest is ridiculous -- nary a face wizened
by demanding toil, instead mirrors of the officials they jape
and intimidate for greater largesse of divied-up tax loot.
Typical of cosseted unions. "Fat slobs" -- a vacuous cliche 
beloved of fat-headed slobs -- most of them, with pretentious 
courage emblazoned by maudlin repetition of slogans earned 
by hard laborers in days long past hard labor. 

Contentious only when their sick days, snow days,
days off, training days, preggie -- real and false -- days, 
child sick and grandparent funeral days, famous people days, 
blood drive days, religious and atheist holidays, continuing
education days, extended vacation days, sabbaticals and
research for the government log-rolling temporary weeks,
days to attend back-scratching conferences and predations
on aspirng union members, days to arrange union-busting
protests, gee-gaw perqs tailored to fit a union's multiple and 
vagaried personas, not to mention insurance and pensions 
and disability benefits, and stuff non-unionists would not 
believe existed outside montaries and nunneries of the rich, 
are threatened. Salaries of union officials are criminal as with
quite a few NGOs -- for the latter gander tax reports of ACLU
and Open Society and many more. 

Unions and NGOs are dirty dealers with those they ostensibly 
oppose to screw those not able to get in on it. Protests are
fund-raisers and publicity for recruiting.

Sol Alinsky rolls in his grave. Followers of Sol are unionized
and avidly promoting the vile practice or rigged protests and
unionizing as empowering, which it is for unions, NGOs and 
their cohorts across the table, institutions the facilitators.

Organized anything is perniciously exclusive. You see a
organized union protestor watch your wallet as if being
panhandled by organized religion or defense thugs. These 
sacred cows support the most villainous organizations on 
earth by shutting out infidels.

Next, a word about bribery of socialism for soft-soap sophistries
about capitalism. 

There are no seeds of dissent, much less wild plant growth, 
merely well-tended gardens of learned simulacra labelled
and branded for dimwits.

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