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Re: <nettime> Wisconsin report

Ei Tapas --

> Simply unbelievable. I never even suspected that Tahrir Square could
> echo in the USA.

I don't think it is echoing, except as a media construct, but, really, it's at 
least a bit offensive to characterize a whole country as full of fat sleeping 
slobs, although there are those who are precisely that here (and elsewhere). 
There are conscious people here now and in the past.  There have been 
multi-million-person marches in the streets, police rounding up tens of 
thousands of protesters in JFK Memorial Stadium in Washington, tear gas, 
shootings, bombings, and so on.  While, yes, many in the present population are 
anesthetized by over-consumption and economic ruin, there remain those who will 
march and confront the despots in power.  It may not be so long before you 
witness a scale of internecine violence in the US that makes satrap rulers and 
their suppression of impoverished populations look like a walk in the park.  I'd 
explore the history of this Empire if I were you (or simply reference Tacitus' 
"Annals of Imperial Rome."  This present Empire is fraught with any and all of 
the possible irruptions known to any comparably-scaled nation-state unit.  It 
was only 3 generations ago that 3% of the population died in a major internecine 

Empire does not mimic the provinces, it corrodes from the center out...


John Hopkins
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