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Re: <nettime> Wisconsin report

On Feb 20, 2011, at 11:44 AM, John Young wrote:

> The Wisconsin protest is ridiculous -- nary a face wizened
> by demanding toil, instead mirrors of the officials they jape
> and intimidate for greater largesse of divied-up tax loot.

Wow, what a load of repulsive drivel.

I was at the demos on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. I saw firefighters, painters, and construction workers supporting the protesters, even though the firefighters are exempt from Walker's bill and the private sector workers not at all affected. Does that sort of work qualify as "demanding toil"? 

But really, do you think the labor of teachers and secretaries isn't important and challenging and worthy of decent pay? Do you really think that a secretary for the University of Wisconsin paid something like $45,000 a year deserves a 12% pay cut without any hope for being represented by a union again? 

Or are you just suffering from a generalized bitter envy over the fact that Julian Assange has left you in the dust?

> Sol Alinsky rolls in his grave.

That would be "Saul," unless there's another Alinsky I don't know about.

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