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Re: <nettime> Wisconsin report

> The Wisconsin protest is ridiculous -- nary a face wizened
> by demanding toil, instead mirrors of the officials they jape
> and intimidate for greater largesse of divied-up tax loot.

Good to know that the right-wing mindset lurks beneath so-called anarchists
who are "sure to wear a mask". What's your mask, John?

Last time I checked, most masked anarchists I saw were cops in costume.

That unions are their own faulty families, deeply ingrained into the
system's bloat, doesn't invalidate the collective energy of protest and
action --- nor the organisational capacity that even today's corporatized
unions still tap into.

Your self-righteous perspective -- which I don't grant the honour of the
word "anarchist" -- would have us all sitting at home licking nuts.

What you fail to realise -- as in #FAIL -- is that a union-organised protest
can also overthrow the union, too. It's movement in many directions, at
once. It's communication and association and political dialogue amongst
those usually sitting at home waiting for the new episode of Mike & Molly.

What you also fail to realise is the perspectival shift in having
middle-class Americans out there on the streets who are willing to stand up
against the Tea Party.

But your anarcho-bubble is so tightly wrapped that such pinpricks of the
reality principle won't ever penetrate your "wordplay," which I wouldn't be
so self-assured and smug to presume as repulsive to the rest of us --- just
incomparably dull for everyone who has had to yawn through yet another
mouthy "anarchist" spewing his cockshots.

Time to see more action, less spray from your disinfo tent of lonely
counterrevolution --- yes, counterrevolution. It was cocky, self-assured,
swaggering perspectives like yours that "let the fascists win so as to
defeat the social democrats and hurry along anarcho and/or communist utopia"
back in 1930s Germany.

Or was it shooting Archduke Ferdinand that distinguished such revered,
macho-patriarchal, "anarchism" of the Black Hand? That the Italian fascists
warmly embraced the new aesthetic horrors of industrial slaughter
demonstrates quite plainly where the circle meets. Good times for the Death

Whatever it is you think you are or speak for, it's not the collective
anarchism of imagination and flexible association I know and love and see
thriving into the 21C --- the co-ops, the gentle linkages, the
base-building, the hands clasped across the borders of dumb militancy.

Enough with the posturing. My own time spent striking in a union was one of
the most effective actions I've ever had the pleasure of undertaking,
resulting in concrete change, circuits of communication amongst all manner
of people across classes and backgrounds, and lifelong bonds of friendship
forged in the heat of a common struggle, while all the mask-clad,
go-it-alone "anarchist committees" and "action groups" I've witnessed have
only blindly drawn the means of their own destruction, worshipping the same
gods that pull the puppet-strings of forces far more armed than they.

/ !

> Typical of cosseted unions. "Fat slobs" -- a vacuous cliche
> beloved of fat-headed slobs -- most of them, with pretentious
> courage emblazoned by maudlin repetition of slogans earned
> by hard laborers in days long past hard labor.

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