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Syndicate: Financing and control

> I am sorry for sounding so aggressive. Fascist is a word that is too
> often abused, though I think that it shouldn't be too inapropriate.
> Also, I am not sure wether suffer is the right word. Still, B2-92 is
> controlled by Soros and similar, even more than B92 was.

    The fact that radio B-92 (and now B2-92) was funded by Soros and
    some other organizations from abroad was never a secret in Serbia.
    I knew that all the time, as well as every single person I spoke
    to on that topic. It is, therefore, untrue that one could lose his
    job within the radio for speaking about the fact everybody knew!

    So yes, they ARE getting money from Soros... So what? On radio
    B-92 (and now B2-92) you could never hear the words of hate, anti
    Serbian attitude at all costs or chauvinism speeches. They always
    had a pretty balanced point of view and together with Radio Index
    always represented the two best news sources in Belgrade.

    RTS is being financed by Milosevic, CNN is being financed by some
    other lobby, the same goes for BBC... and all of them are getting
    MUCH higher money amounts... But, on their TV and radio frequencies
    you cannot find even the half good reports about the Balkan issues,
    like you can find on Radio B2-92... and I can say that twice!



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