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Re: Syndicate: Financing and control

>The fact that radio B-92 (and now B2-92) was funded by >Soros and some other organizations from abroad was >never a secret in Serbia.

True, but it wasn't advertised either

> I knew that all the time, as well as every single >person I spoke to on that topic.

You seem to know very informed people. I know a lot of people that didn't know this, some that still don't. Neither did I for a very long time.

>It is, therefore, untrue that one could lose his
>job within the radio for speaking about the fact >everybody knew!

I did not say loose his job for that. I meant loose his job for speaking about funder censorship of B92, which is a taboo for B92 employees. People who have more experience with Soros will know how criticism, especially public criticism is treated there. I don't think things are very fortunate at B92 either.

>So yes, they ARE getting money from Soros... So what?

So, maybe it is worthwhile to discuss why is Soros giving them the money? Because stockmarket speculator, George Soros, read a book called "Open Society And It's Enemies", in his 70s or 80s, and got so thrilled with it, that he started giving his hardly earned billions away on social projects? This is the official Soros story btw.

> On radio B-92 (and now B2-92) you could never hear >the words of hate, anti Serbian attitude at all costs >or chauvinism speeches. They always had a pretty >balanced point of view 

I thought there were days when they had five minute stories about a mortar bomb that fell near the Gracanica orthodox monastery and then just a sentence like "20000 refugees from Kosovo arrived today at the Albanian border". 
If balanced means that they only gave good critical arguments against Milosevic's side, UCK, Kosov@ Albanian leadership, but hardly ever against NATO/EU governments and buisinesses, than yes, their views were balanced. I think their views were that all local leaderships were guilty of the wars, while the global leadership (their funders) was as innocent as a lamb.

>and together with Radio Index always represented the >two best news sources in Belgrade.

Unfortunately... Unfortunately, Slobodan... But that doesn't say so much about them; more about all other radio stations in Belgrade. :((((((((
Don't forget radio Pancevo. They sometimes (rarely) had better news.

>RTS is being financed by Milosevic, CNN is being >financed by some other lobby, the same goes for BBC... >and all of them are getting MUCH higher money >amounts...

True. If I remember correctly, Rupert Murdoch has a control package of CNN stocks. 

>But, on their TV and radio frequencies
>you cannot find even the half good reports about the >Balkan issues,like you can find on Radio B2-92... and >I can say that twice!

I can't agree that a report on Balkan issues is good if it changes, ignores or diminishes the true influence of involvement by U$/EU power structures into Balkan politics. I can say again that B2-92 and Index are the best radios that Belgrade has, unfortunately.

Mihajlo Acimovic

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