Mihajlo Acimovic on Wed, 29 Sep 1999 16:23:14 0000

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Syndicate: Re: To Gordan Paunovic's reply

Gordan, my good man, good to hear from you after so long.

I am sorry for sounding so aggressive. Fascist is a word that is too often abused, though I think that it shouldn't be too inapropriate. Also, I am not sure wether suffer is the right word. Still, B2-92 is controlled by Soros and similar, even more than B92 was. That is a lot of control. 
  You are right about consciousness. It is very relative. Especially when one lives off Soros money like some, while others are very poor. 
  Btw, how is the "Center For Development Of The Non-Profit Sector" doing? Are you still president of it? Does it plan to co-organise another "Forum of Yugoslav NGO's"? Would it inform other NGO's this time that the forum would happen, or would it be reserved, again, only for those that are both funded by and in mercy with the Soros foundation? Would it again rent over half the rooms (my estimate) in the luxury hotel Yugoslavia, spending how much money? Enough to buy a less extravagant hotel? Less? More? Would it again be funded by Soros, USAID and the Foundation For Peace And Non-Violent Conflict Resolution (did I remember the third one well?)? 
Ah, I am so full of questions and you don't even know who I am. Maybe you do, but I'll presume that you don't. I remembered your face, for some reason. Don't be scared, I am not violent physically, like some Soros employees. I just like to sting hypocrites sometimes. :))))

>sorry for jumping into your stream of (un)consciousness
>but you should really clarify this:
>>B2-92 is under the heaviest fascist censorship of news and other 
>> >programmes that it has ever suffered. The real censorship is comming >not 
>>from Milosevic's regime, bu
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