Andreas Broeckmann on Thu, 15 Jul 1999 14:14:05 +0100

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Syndicate: invitation - Syndicate Net.Shop #2 - ZKM Karlsruhe, November 99

dear friends,

the planning for the Syndicate Net.Shop #2 at the Net.Lounge of the
Net_Condition exhibition in Karlsruhe is as follows:

- due to time pressure and for various organisational reasons, the
Syndicate-workshop has been postponed to the week of 8-14 november, with
the public presentations etc. focussing on the weekend 12-14 nov

- beside the Net.Lounge with several hundred public terminals etc., there
will be a special workspace for us with PCs, scanner, printer, ...

- the ZKM supports the production of a new Syndicate Reader (which Inke
Arns is preparing and that she will write about more soon; suggestions and
editorial support are certainly welcome at <>; there
might be an option to do the printing directly at the ZKM, something that
we will hear more about from Walter)

- the ZKM can also support travel and accommodation for a limited number of
people, and will be able to help with visa applications and letters of
invitation for finding more travel money

- i'll be off for a holiday starting tomorrow; David Casacuberta
<> will be doing some of the coordiantion of the workshop, but
he will also be away until 29 july; Walter van der Cruijsen <>
is 'our man at the zkm', and coordinator of the whole net-lounge, together
with Andrea Helbach <>.


- the aim of the Syndicate Net.Shop #2 will be to bring young artists from
different parts of europe, esp. eastern and southern regions, together for
a week-long workshop, exploring networking technologies and their artistic
applications; David Casacuberta and others will organise sessions around
sound and straming technologies for the net, and we'll try to connect the
Net.Shop participants with other artists who will be present at the zkm
during that time

- artists who are interested in participating should write to David
<> (cc to <>) so that we get an idea of how much
interest there is; it would also be good if you could pass the information
on to young artists who are not on the list but who would benefit from

we'll take it from there in august.



i'll be away in sunny offline-land 19 july - 10 august

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