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Syndicate: armchair activism rules

i found this in a newsletter. this makes things so much easier. you do not
even need to apply for a visa anymore to be physically present at a
demonstration anywhere in the world. sure, you might need a visa card, but
with the smooth support of a global ngo network, this should not prove to
be a problem. listen up! the end of history is nigh! who dares to write
politics with a capital p? and which capital would that be in? these are my
questions for the 21st century.



whitehouseprotests.Com is a full service, web based corporation that
enables you, from the comfort of your home or office, to organize a
demonstration using a custom designed, full size banner to be displayed
by our staff directly on the sidewalk in front of the White House or
Capitol buildings in Washington, D.C. A full size 8 x 10 photograph will
be taken during the demonstration of your message which will be mailed
directly to you. 

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