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Syndicate: Net_Condition, Karlsruhe sept 99-jan 00

[this is NOT an official press release, but an INVITATION to the SYNDICATE
ONLY; please, do not forward without consent from the ZKM; abroeck]

Art in the Online Universe

22 September 1999 - 9 January 1999

An exhibition, which takes place as a multilocal networked event
simultaneously in four cities: Karlsruhe (ZKM), Graz (steirischer
herbst), Tokyo (ICC InterCommunication Center), and Barcelona (MECAD
Media Centre d'Art i Disseny).

This exhibition project with about 100 positions does not only attempts
to provide a comprehensive synopsis of the current state of, but
intends above all to give an introduction to the political economic
ideas, to social practices and artistic applications of the online
communication within the net community. - reaching from physical local installations to the world-widely
linked computer games -has become the forum within which most of the
emancipatory hopes of the avant-garde art have been formulated anew. is thus not only the most recent phase of media art
characterising the media discourse, following video sculpture of the
eighties and interactive computer installations of the nineties, but is
also the art form to which the greatest political utopian ideas are
attached. One condition and a principle reflection that feeds the
interest in the development of a global network, is the belief that the
social-revolutionary hopes of the historical avant-garde can be
fulfilled technologically now.

Every new medium, every new technical image carrier, relinquishes
several characteristics as compared to the previous image media, but
generally introduces several new characteristics that are superior to
historical image media in terms of certain aspects. Thus, the emergence
of new image media will not efface the old image media, but the new
media will force their conditions on the old media. "The Photographic
Condition" (Rosalind Krauss) has changed painting, video has changed
film, digital technology has changed film and video, etc. The net
changes image media and literature. The focus of this exhibition project
is thus on investigating what conditions are being introduced by the net
and to what new conditions the historical media as well as the
historical social forms of communication and economy have been
subjugated by the net.

The NET_CONDITION is not reduced to two-dimensional images and texts on
the screen, but rather the net in virtual space controls the sequence of
events in real space and the events in real space control the sequence
of events in virtual space. Shared virtual realities, shared cyberspace,
dislocated communication, multi-user environments and an island of
net-games are the focuses of the exhibition. Dozens of local players in
the exhibition space will interact with dozens of
world-widely-distributed players in the virtual net-space.

A second major focus is to demonstrate specific production procedures
and control mechanisms of this interactive online communication in the
net. In a separate lounge, curated by Walter van der Cruijsen
(co-founder of The Digital City Amsterdam) the diversity of virtual
neighbourhoods, of the numerous urban projects, social intervention and
opinion pools will be presented in discussions, publications and online
chats. Of course, the exhibition will also be on show online. For
example Benjamin Weil, the founder of ada-web and currently net-curator
at the ICA London (Institute for Contemporary Art) will set up an online
historical overview of the most important chapters of

Peter Weibel conceived the exhibition.  He has selected the artists for
NET_CONDITION together with the curators on location, Jeffrey Shaw,
Hans-Peter Schwarz, Johannes Goebel and Mathias Osterwold (Karlsruhe),
Peter Weibel (Graz), Toshiharu Ito (Tokyo) and Claudia Giannetti

On the occasion of the exhibition a catalogue will be published in

Antoni Abad, Roberto Aguirrezabala, Giselle Beiguelman, David Blair,
Joachim Blank / Karl-Heinz Jeron, Heath Bunting, Nicolas Collins, Shane
Cooper, Vuk Cosic, Jordan Crandall, Douglas Davis, Ken Feingold, Masaki
Fujihata, Jochen Gerz, Johannes Goebel/Torsten Belschner, Marina Grzinic
/ Aina Smid, Lynn Hershman, 42 (Reni Hofmüller / Vesna Manojkovic / Cym
Groenestijn / Moni Glahn / Katja Lamprecht / Katarina Pejovic / Cloed
Baumgartner / Sol Haring / Margit Franz / Eva Ursprung), Markus Huemer,
i/o/d, Ricardo Iglesias, Natalie Jeremijenko, JODI, Konsum art.server
(Margarete Jahrmann / Max Moswitzer), Knowbotic Research, Darij Kreuh,
Olia Lialina, Luther Blissett, Lev Manovich, Jenny Marketou, Chihiro
Minato, Mongrel, Motohiko Odani, Alexandru Patatics, Daniel Burckhardt /
Roberto Cabot / Jürgen Enge / Gruppe A12 / Udo Noll / Philip Pocock /
Wolfgang Staehle / Florian Wenz, Vivian Selbo, Paul Sermon, Jeffrey
Shaw, Alexej Shulgin, Niek van de Steeg, Victoria Vesna, Makoto Sei
Watanabe, Jody Zellen and others

Musicprogramm (curated by Golo Föllmer)
Sergi Jordà/La Fura des Baus, Chris Brown, Young Farmers Claim Future, Winfried

theLounge (curated by Walter van der Cruijsen)
Critical Art Ensemble, RTMark, Mark Napier, Graphic Jam (Mark Napier &
Andy Deck), Redundant Technology Initiative, Institute for Applied
Autonomy, Old Boys Network, The Ascii Art Ensemble (Luka Frelih, Vuk
Cosic, Walter van der Cruijsen), Steven Greenwood,
esc to begin (Bernd Diemer et al.)
Backspace, mikro e. V., xchange, Syndicat, and others History (curated by Benjamin Weil): ca. 40 Websites


Andrea Helbach
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i'll be away in sunny offline-land 19 july - 10 august

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