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Syndicate: ISEA gathering at SIGGRAPH

At Siggraph 99

Thursday August 12, 1999
Room 511A
Los Angeles Convention Centre
Los Angeles, USA

We would like to invite all members planning to attend Siggraph99 to an
ISEA gathering during this event taking place in Los Angeles from August
8-13, 1999. The gathering, hosted by ISEA Board members Cynthia Beth Rubin
and Kathy Rae Huffman, will be an opportunity to meet old friends, network,
and discuss ISEA projects. Members of Siggraph's International Committee
will be present, as well as several other "sister" organizations in the
electronic arts.

Hope to see you there! For more information or to participate, please
contact one of the following:

Cynthia Beth Rubin
ISEA Board of Directors
Co-chair, Cultural Diversity Committee

Kathy Rae Huffman
ISEA Board of Directors

Katarina Soukup
International relations, ISEA

More information on Siggraph99 itself can be found on the website:

Please note our new addresses :
Veuillez prendre note de notre nouvelle adresse :

3530 boul. Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H2X 2V1
Tel. +1-514-847-8912  *  Fax. +1-514-847-8834   *
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