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Re: Syndicate: Eye for an eye?

Xcuse the repetitions from some of my previous postings.
>-- So I think
>that it is clear that main guilt is on NATO and their >KLA allies for
>both things - bombing and "ethnical cleansing".
>And now when they are in Kosovo alone, they are >cleansing Serbs and
>other non-Albanian population.

I think people who are unaware of the meaning of their actions cannot be considered "guilty" for them. This is not a question of guilt, but who did what and why. The NATO, whith it's ally Milosevic has broken all human rights and non-violent movements in the region. NATO's stretched hand, the KLA, which was funded directly from the EU and USA, by Albanian emmigration mafia, was only a tool that served simulate a conflict, after Milosevic had continuously failed to cause a mass uprising in the province by humanly unbarable violence and repression. KLA served to murder and intimidate Serb and Albanian civilians and use the nationalist albanians for ethnic cleansing which is now taking place. The core of the KLA is still made up of mercenaries who have not been living in Kosovo for the last few years. Many have never seen Kosovo before that. 
The Yugoslav army was not defeated in Kosovo. It retreated because it was ordered to. Milosevic's son was seen shopping for speedboats in Greece, which is a NATO country, during the war. Milosevic's villa in Belgrade was only bombed after all the furniture had been taken out. A publicity stunt, so to say. I think it's high time for people to start seeing the reality of the conflict. it wasn't NATO vs. Milosevic, it was NATO&Milosevic vs. Humanity.


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