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PEACE - Public Electronic Art Commission Exposition

Does peace mean getting a nights sleep without being woken by the baby ?

Does peace mean a good nights sleep without hearing your mother being 
beaten up by
your father ?

Does peace mean a good  sleep without the sound of constant shells exploding ?

The commission is for a new multi media installation / video data 
projection / web project / sculptural work, etc. by an individual 
artist or collaborative group.
The budget for the project makes available a production budget of 
£3000. The applicant should provide a proposed budget, including a 
full projected expenditure incorporating allocation to r+d, 
production costs, documentation, etc. The commissioned artist will 
also receive a fee of £6000. There will be additional budget held by 
HTBA for installation costs, marketing, accommodation and travel, 
education work and overheads.
This artists commission is in partnership with Hull University 
Institute for Learning, Information Technology in the Community and 
Hull 700 is to be launched and selected in 1999, developed and 
produced for completion by June  2000.  We intend the work to leave a 
legacy for years to come.
HTBA is open to proposals such as:
virtual networks, social research proposals, light and audio 
projections built into the fabric of the street furniture or 
surrounding architecture, video images projected into public walking 
spaces or onto buildings, publicly accessible computer terminals 
where the audience can respond and create their own art, physical 
installations using images created in locations across the city.
The finished work will be located or viewable in some way around Time 
Base at 42 the High St. in the City's historic Heartlands area along 
the River Hull Corridor, Hull's key site for regeneration.
Issues of ownership, authorship and censorship will be areas of 
debate surrounding the work as we are hoping for something which 
crosses boundaries between content and conduit.
Criteria for Selection
The applicant should demonstrate consideration to the aims and 
objectives outlined.
The applicant should show an ability to work with the community or to 
work alongside a facilitator/educator.
The criteria used for selection of an artist for the Project will cover:

*	desire to celebrate the millennium in some way
*	knowledge of Hull Time Based Arts
*	excellence in working creatively with  new media and public art
*	a flexible, creative approach
*	experience in working on similar projects
*	ability to engage with a range of people within the community as well as 	professionals
*	a recognised reputation in working with new media or 
multimedia installations
*	collaborative approach

Applicants should send written proposals to HTBA, including 
description of the artistic concept, technical details, proposed site 
information, development schedule, identifying potential audience, 
participatory elements, staffing, etc.
Please include video and / or photographic documentation of previous 
work, CV, and url web addresses.
Email proposals will only be accepted if supported by hard copy, 
received before the deadline.
Include a SAE  for the return of video / catalogues etc.

Hull Time Based Arts is an organisation at the heart of arts 
development within the UK, based in Kingston Upon Hull, and acts as 
the Arts Council of England's Combined Arts development agency in the 
North of England. It supports innovative new work through its live 
art commissions, annual ROOT (Running Out of Time) Festival, The Lab 
digital production and editing facilities, exhibition and touring 
programme. HTBA works on a local, national and international scale.
Hull Time Based Arts has successfully commissioned a number of 
original works associated with the International ROOT Festival. The 
thinking behind these commissions has reflected a commitment to 
contemporary arts practice exploring the nexus between live art and 
new media, community participation and professional excellence, the 
creation of permanent and temporary work evolving  through the 
context of a dynamic national and international arena.
The PEACE commission is consonant with the philosophy and practice of 
Hull Time Based Arts' commissioning policy for artists working in 
performance, video, digital technology or other new media, and in 
accordance with our equal opportunities policy.

For more details contact:

Proposals should be sent to:

Hull Time Based Arts
42 High St
HU1 1 PS


01482 216 446

DEADLINE for proposals - August 31st '99

This commission has been made possible with support from the 
Millennium Challenge Fund,
Hull 700 and Hull University Institute for Learning

Time to Move On!

Hull Time Based Arts has moved to new premises, where we will be able 
to offer a wider range of services and improved access to our artists 
and guests.
Please amend your database or address list accordingly.

Hull Time Based Arts
Time Base
42 High Street

Same phone numbers apply

tel: 44(0) 1482 216 446
fax: 44(0) 1482 589 952


Hull Time Based Arts is Northern England's combined arts development
agency and one of Europe's leading commissioners of performance and
new technology art, supporting the development of innovative new work
through it's Avidlab digital imaging suite, exhibition, education
projects, touring programme, technical and curatorial advice.

Mike Stubbs
102 Blenheim st
tel/fx; 44 (0)1482 492172

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