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Syndicate: Eye for an eye?

> At 14:23 +0200 7/10/99, Andrej Tisma wrote:
>>See some photos from Novi Sad and other Yugoslavian cities that
>>show consequences of the NATO bombings.

> see some photos of mass graves in newspapers

    During the war, I learned one interesting proverb from a friend
    living in the US - "two evils do not make one good". A bad is a
    bad thing. Two bad things are still two bad things... It's
    something like Gandhi's: "Eye for an eye and the whole world
    will go blind".

    Comparing the two catastrophes is nearly impossible, because
    both of them are fundamentally different. I think that the
    savage (and systematic) destruction of large Yugoslav cities,
    historical monuments and country's economy is as bad as
    cleansing of Albanian villages on Kosovo.

    Both savage thoughts are on the same level...

    The greatest failure of the present World is total political
    inability to resolve conflicts in a civilized way - without
    armed force, bloody conflicts and savage destruction.

    Yugoslav, Albanian, European and American top-politicians,
    WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION, are morally irresponsible persons, not
    suitable to make this World a better place for generations to
    come... And that should be our primary mission, if we suppose
    that we are not a selfish bunch of people living only for today.

    In only a year we will say "Bye, bye!" to the 20th century and
    just look at the world in which we are living at the beginning
    of the new millennium - war here, war there; famine here,
    plague there; ethnic and religious conflicts everywhere,
    terrorism blossoming, kids killing each other in Quake style,
    seas rising, whales dying, forests disappearing...

    What a great view!

    We cannot overcome all those problems by just thinking how to
    solve them. WE NEED A TOTALLY DIFFERENT ATTITUDE! We need to
    perform a U-turn in our heads and start to realize this World
    in a totally different way.


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