Andrej Tisma on Sat, 10 Jul 1999 19:56:50 +0200

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Re: Syndicate: sorry

the BLINKFACE wrote:

> I understand (and share somehow) the pain, fear and anger about the
> NATO bombings.
> BUT: for what reason do you present us photos of destruction? Mr.
> Tisma? how long will you continue with this? for years from now on?
> In this way it appears to me like the ritual of backwarded
> resignation with an undertone of reproachful revenge. How would it be
> to direct your critical mind and creativity to the future? I am
> covinced that this is a forum full of people who agree with you about
> the nato-practice. We all saw a lot of (media)-images with
> destruction and we will never forget. But this should also be a forum
> to look ahead, to discuss and help to develope a better future. And
> so I hope, Mr. Tisma, you do too?!
Yes, of course I am looking ahead, first of all after reconstruction of
my demolished country, also after renewal of cultural activities which
meet grave difficulties now.
I am sorry if I disturbed you by sending some documentary photos to this
list. But I am still obsessed with bombs that were falling on my head
for 78 days. I am happy you are not.
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