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Re: Syndicate: sorry

>From:           	Janos Sugar <>
> At 14:23 +0200 7/10/99, Andrej Tisma wrote:
> >See some photos from Novi Sad and other Yugoslavian cities that show
> >consequences of the NATO bombings.
> >

I understand (and share somehow) the pain, fear and anger about the 
NATO bombings. 
BUT: for what reason do you present us photos of destruction? Mr. 
Tisma? how long will you continue with this? for years from now on? 
In this way it appears to me like the ritual of backwarded 
resignation with an undertone of reproachful revenge. How would it be 
to direct your critical mind and creativity to the future? I am 
covinced that this is a forum full of people who agree with you about 
the nato-practice. We all saw a lot of (media)-images with 
destruction and we will never forget. But this should also be a forum 
to look ahead, to discuss and help to develope a better future. And 
so I hope, Mr. Tisma, you do too?!

on the other hand:
> see some photos of mass graves in newspapers
to try to relativize one destruction (bombings) with the violence of 
the other side (mass graves) reminds me of "an eye for an eye, a 
tooth for a tooth"  

Klaus-dieter Michel

the B L I N K F A C E
Klaus-dieter Michel 
phone +49-(0)521-13 02 37

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