james stauffer on Sun, 20 Jun 1999 03:24:41 +0000

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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility

> Well, you must be kinda newbie or complete outsider, however it's pretty
> cool to make *just* judgement from *safe* distanced point, behind the
> screen, but Holly Wars for ever Greater Serbia were happend somewhere to
> somebody far away from you. Furthermore you are *struck* by simplicity
> of Michaels standpoint as you claim,  it's simple Michael is insider and
> he knowing very well about what he talking about.
> Tudjman?, if you asking me is cloned by Milosevic, so just another atrocity.

no newbie, and no "outsider".  I haven't posted much to this list.

and i am unimpressed by people who lead with an insult, but what the hell.

michael is "inside" but he is not "inside" Serbia but consistently anti-Serb in his
view of things.  there are other equally "inside" observers with a view unlike
Michaels.   i think i understand Michaels argument--i don;'t think you understand
them.  I have many Serb friends who are not holy warriors and who protested the build
up to the Kosovo conflict.  The Albanian's choose to witdraw from any attempt to
participate in Serbia.  They bet on SM as he made a wonderful target.  In the short
term that was a drastic mistake.  But they have Kosovo now, and will, I suspect,
behave just as badly toward Serbs who are crazy enough to stay as the worst of the
Serbs did toward them.  The US and NATO will now have them to deal with as they do
old pals such as the Taliban and Saddam Hussein.

I live inside a bully state.  I am appalled by NATOs action.   Should I be feeling
some sort of collective guilt (which was the issue) from Hirosoma, Vietnam, Haiti,
Granada, Iraq and on and on. In a sense I do.  I have been on the losing side in the
US debates

but you and michael can relax.  Serbia is an economic and physical wreck.  All the
other states can work on their own ethnic purity, the nasty Serbs will be busy for
awhile while western aid pours into all the other provinces of the old Republic.