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Syndicate: Re: an honest question.

 I agree that there were a lot of alternatives
to bombing (and the supporters of the bombing
usually come across to me as oh so righteous
and absolutely sure of themselves).

 If you want to go way, way back there were
many things that could have been done to prevent
the war in Bosnia.

 There could have been an effort to give
Kosovo autonomy as part of the Dayton Accords.

 Milosevic could have been indicted for war crimes
back then.  There could have been more of an effort
to apprehend those who were indicted.

 Support could have been given to the non-violent
resistance in Kosovo and to those protesting against
Milosevic in Serbia.

 There could have been a real attempt at negotiations
this year.

 It seems clear (to me at least) that the bombing only
made things worse.  Thousands of Kosovar Albanians were
killed by Serb forces.  Others died trying to flee
Serb forces.  Thousands of Serbian forces and
civilians were killed by NATO.  Large portions of Kosovo
and Serbia were destroyed.  And things are a mess right now.

 William Greider has a good piece (written before the war
ended) in the June 16th Rolling Stone (which unfortunately
isn't online) if you can get ahold of it. 

Steve Rhodes

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