Zvonimir Bakotin on Sun, 20 Jun 1999 10:06:44 +0100 (GMT+0100)

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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility

>>  But I
>> found myself, after a decade of living uncomfortably close to the
>> bloody disaster of the Wars for Greater Serbia -- a war that a
>> majority of the inhabitants of Serbia proper seemed to be entirely
>> unaware was happening at all --

> michael

> I am always struck by how simple your view of the break up of the Former
> Yugoslavia is.  There are never Serbian refugees, or Croatian or Bosnian
> atrocities.  The Serbs did not desolve a relatively functional state on 
> their own.  Was/Is Tudjman some sort of innocent?


Well, you must be kinda newbie or complete outsider, however it's pretty 
cool to make *just* judgement from *safe* distanced point, behind the 
screen, but Holly Wars for ever Greater Serbia were happend somewhere to 
somebody far away from you. Furthermore you are *struck* by simplicity 
of Michaels standpoint as you claim,  it's simple Michael is insider and 
he knowing very well about what he talking about.
Tudjman?, if you asking me is cloned by Milosevic, so just another atrocity.

> Why was Germany, and much of the West, so eager to support the breakup 
> of the old state?  Did Serbs have no legitimate interest in trying to 
> protect Serbia populations long established in Croatia, Bosnia, and now 
> Kosovo?

Oh yes, sure, they can do it, just as we saw it in past years and quite 
recently again, unfortunately i can see hardly any legitimate point 
there, maybe Tribunal for War Crimes may find one, or probably more.

> You try to sound fair minded, but you see this in a way in which all evil in
> the Balkans is Serbian.  We are now going to get the KLA up close and personal,
> although I suspect Western media will do their best to downplay Albanian
> atrocities as they did in the build up to the NATO action you are so
> enthusiastic about.

Hm, will be quite hard even for Serboprop to hide 10's k+ killed masacred 
raped etc, *downplaying* of Kosovars atrocities is not point, rather how 
did they come to that point??? 

If somebody here trying to be *fair* minded that you are James, but excuse 
me, Im sick of all kind of *fair minded* war and post war profiters.

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