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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility

> >The entirety of which I still haven't been able to really get out of him.

> funny sentence!

"your constant unfounded sarcasms betray your lust for confirmation of
what you already hold to be the truth."

So's that. Whew!

> >The difference is he says he completely understands and knows my view.

> never said that, sorry.

What's this: 

"we've all been thru this before, I know your point of view, you know
mine, we know all of it." 

Or do I misunderstand you when you say you 'know all of it"? Does 
it mean, "I only know, like, *some* of it"? 

Is it getting too late? Should we all go to sleep, clean the 
synapses? Or what?


Michael Benson  <michael.benson@pristop.si>
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