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Syndicate: Kalifornia ueber Alles (technical irresponsibility)

what with all all this seriousness, i thought some syndics
might approciate this news item just in from the end of 
civilization as we know it a/k/a california:


Design Flaw Bathes Mall In Swastikas

Lighting System Causing Images Will Be Removed

   TEMECULA, Calif., Posted 5:45 p.m. June 19, 1999 -- When the new 
   Promenade shopping mall opens in Temecula this October, one part 
   of the décor will have changed.
   A city building inspector recently noticed images of swastikas on the
   floor. According to CBS 2 News' Jaie Avila, the unmistakable patterns
   are cast by the mall's 56 skylights.
   "We were absolutely mortified," Deputy City Manager Gary Thornhill
   told Avila. "We looked at it and, I have to say, it looked like
   The company building the mall said the symbols, long associated with
   Nazi oppression and the Holocaust, were the unintentional result of an
   innocent design flaw.
   Blue lights designed to illuminate the skylights at night are the 
   culprit, said Avila. During the day, with the sun shining through, 
   they create dozens of swastika shadows all over the floor.
   The lighting is now being removed. Ironically the mall's builder,
   Forest City Enterprises of Cleveland, is a big contributor to the
   Holocaust Museum.
   "We would never consciously allow this to happen. It is abhorent to
   us," company President Brian Jones said in a statement.
   Both the builder and the city of Temecula said when the new mall is
   unveiled swastikas are not the image they wish to project.
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