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Syndicate: Re: an honest question.

> But I found myself, after a decade of living uncomfortably
> close to the bloody disaster of the Wars for Greater Serbia

    Serbian nationalism is an important factor, but you should
    NEVER underestimate the Croatian and Bosnian nationalisms.
    For a war you always need (at least) two sides. As I said
    once, there were ABSOLUTELY NO "good guys" in the past wars
    on Balkans.

> Or would you have suggested something original, like -- more
> negotiations? While 500,000 people starved in the hills? And
> another 100,000 lived in camps?

    Before NATO started the war there were no "500.000 people
    starving in the hills and another 100.000 living in camps".

    In that period, before the war, many things could have been
    done on a political field. I just don't believe that the US
    were not able to blow away (in a peaceful manner) one petty
    politician in one small and (economically) weak country. I'm
    sure that the US had all the power to make peace on Kosovo,
    even then.

    But, as Boris Buden once noticed, it is really amazing that,
    as he put it - The American giant, is continuing to act as a
    political dwarf in all past and present Balkan affairs.

> And all the military-age men were tortured to death?

    Some military-aged men were separated from the refugee
    columns, but we still don't know how many (not ALL for
    sure) and what EXACTLY happened to them.

    Who knows... maybe they were tortured and killed, but you
    should not play so easily with the yet-unproven facts. Let's
    wait a bit and see what REALLY happened. There will be a time
    to talk. The arbitrary statements wont get us anywhere.


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