Zvonimir Bakotin on Thu, 3 Jun 1999 03:16:36 +0100 (GMT+0100)

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Re: Syndicate: re: syndicate re: benson etc. -Reply

On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Peter Costanza wrote:

> Milosivic, who was ELECTED (he is not s military dictator like
> Saddam Hussein), has deliberately pursued power by ethinic
> warfare for nine years, and has been robustly suypported by most
> of the Serb population.  He and his supporters have killed over
> 200,000 people since he embarked on this strategy.

Yes indeed Miloshewik ;) was elected once in early '90s with glorious 104%
votes, after this euphoric post election prop gap his party and controled 
media were become more *moderate*, next election results were *just* 90%+.
Despite great election wins one thing is still confusing, after another
winning elections in December of '96. citizens of Belgrade were demonstrating
for 90 days demanding resignation of Milosevic and his party, strange huh?,
first elected by *majority* and then *majority* making big party in form of
demonstration...weird. At least *elections* are just empty word, mean unlike
election in western democraties elections there are in function of expression
of public politic will to chose between number of pluralistic options... 
elections there are designed to express support for regime and dictator. 
No he is not dictator he is quite smart to fall in that cathegory, he's way

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