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Syndicate: PRESS RELEASE No. 1


[Repiblic of Macedonia is not going to participate officially at the 48th Venice Biennial. 
Therefore few people did not want to agree with this and decided to organize few projects to 
represent (unofficially) what is going on in the art in Macedonia.]


Iskra Dimitrova - Nebojsa Vilic - 'Laurens Coster' Skopje - 'Studio Azzurra' Skopje

have the pleasure to invite You
to the promotion of the projects

'Creature Meravigliose' ['Wonderful Creatures'] - performance
[Iskra Dimitrova]

'Few Candies for Venice. Art in Macedonia at the End of Millenium' - book
[edited by Nebojsa Vilic]

'First Day Covert' - philatelist coverts
[Studio Azzurra]

as an unofficial presence of Republic of Macedonia 
at the 48th Venice Biennial 1999

coffee-shop 'Stork' - Friday - June 4, 1999 - 12 o'clock


'Creature Meravigliose'
['Wonderful Creatures']
Iskra Dimitrova

The project of Iskra Dimitrova is a performance of transporting a coffin with a gondola on the
relation Giardini - San Marco - Giardini. While rowing, the gondolier is telling the authors text
and a front of him, in the gondola, there is a coffin with a mirror placed on the whole button of it
reflecting the sky. The performance will be possible to be seen during the days of June 9-13, from
10 AM to 4 PM.

'Few Candice for Venice. Art in Macedonia at the End of Millenium'
[edited by Nebojsa Vilic]

This book is kind of catalogue-book of art works and texts from and about the art in Macedonia in
the last few years. The first part is consisted of 31 'catalogues' from 31 last individual projects
of 31 Macedonian artists followed by text from respective art critic's review. The second part is
consisted of 25 texts from 8 art critics organized in three parts: When?, How? and Why? trying to
present, locate and interpret the art in Macedonia at the end of this millenium.

'First Day Covert'
[Studio Azzurra]

This project is related to the printing of two occasional coverts referring to the above mentioned
projects as part of the series of coverts. In a sense of a philatelist object they are noting this
unofficial presence of Republic of Macedonia at the 48th Venice Biennial 1999.


Sponsors of this three projects:

'Prohelvetia' - Zuerich,  KulturKontakt Austria - Wien, Star House Srl. Mestre-Venezia, Avioimpex -
Skopje, Scanpoint - Skopje, Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia, Open Society
Institute - Macedonia, Fersped - Skopje, Macedonian Lotary, Metal - Skopje, Alkaloid - Skopje,
Makpetrol - Skopje, Meser Vardar Tehnogas - Skopje, Orka Sport - Skopje, Replek - Skopje, Skopje
Browery, Kometal Trade - Skopje, Veledrogerija Panovski - Skopje, Butel - Skopje, Macedonia Tabak -
Skopje, A.D. OZ Makedonija - Skopje.

Nebojsa Vilic, Ph.D.
Faculty of Drama Arts
University 'SS. Cyril and Methodius'
Ruger Boskovic b.b. / P.O.Box 134
MK-91000 Skopje, Macedonia
tel. 389 91 37 05 96  fax 389 91 36 12 56

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