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Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 16:37:58 EDT

NY Arts invites you to view
We've just posted the June issue.

Table of content #33 June Issue:

Mob Rule (panel discussion)
SoHo: the Undead- Mark von Schlegell
Interview: Achille Bonito Oliva- Daniel Rothbart
Atelier Van Lieshout William Jeffett InClement Weather- Piri Halasz
Disaster Imagery in Contemporary Painting-Merry Meikle
ìIt Hurts:î It Sucks- Grady T. Turner
Virtual 2 - Scott Weiland
A Half Century Later: Chambers/Hiss
- Richard Kostelanetz
Abakanowicz on the Roof -Harriet Zinnes
Ellsworth Kellyís Early Adventure in Abstraction and Representationality
-Shin-Yi Yang 	Charles Henri Ford -Valery Oisteanu
The Creep Michael Peglau
Q & A Tula Telfair
Racing through Space with Llewellyn Shepard -M. Ryan Purdy
Artists Space Project Space 2: 1998ñ1999 Exhibition Season
Colette on Colette
A Tale from Spain, the Painter, the Sculptor and the Gardener -Mariano
de Blas
Letter from Paris -Nina Zivancevic
Centerfold Project: Intro -- The Observatorium
Letter from Italy -Ombretta Agroí
Press Releases
Relocating Politics-Thomas Girst

Toledo-Toledo: Shake Rattle and Roll
-Ana Maria Torres
Global Conceptualism- Lauri Firstenberg
The American Century: Art and Culture
1900-1950 -Harriet Zinnes
Calligraphy After Postmodernism: The Art of Fung Ming-Chip- Robert C.
	The Architecture of Red Vienna, 1919-1934
I Like Mike -Louise Reid
Julian Schnabel -Harriet Zinnes
Picks -Christopher Chambers
Cooper Union Studentsí Writing
Previews and Reviews
Shirin Neshat: Rapture-Horace Brockington
and much, much more
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