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Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 15:54:15 -0400
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There is an assumption in some of these posts that I reject,
which is that NATO is deliberately targeting Serb civilians.
There is no real evidence that this is the case, except in the
sense that the civilian population is targeted by attacks on the
electric power grid.

Milosivic, who was ELECTED (he is not s military dictator like
Saddam Hussein), has deliberately pursued power by ethinic
warfare for nine years, and has been robustly suypported by most
of the Serb population.  He and his supporters have killed over
200,000 people since he embarked on this strategy.

Many of the innocent civilians killed by NATO have been
Albanians.  The Albanians have not called for a halt to the

A nation that can elect its leaders is morally accountable for
the actions of those leaders - every Serb is accountable for what
Milosovic does whether that Serb personally opposes or supports
Milsovic.  Every American is responsible for what Bill Clinton
does.  Every American was responsible for what Lyndon Johnson and
Richard Nixon did to Vietnam.  That is why a fair number of
Americans fought in the streets against those scumbags, and that
is what everyone has a right to expect of Serbs who oppose

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