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       ON SITUATION IN MACEDONIA         Thursday, April 22, 1999

.The Vice-president of the Government stressed out that the state of 
direct war danger should not be declared...Will the humanitarian assistance 
be distributed to the host families that have sheltered refugees?... The 
refugees from Lojane and Malino are transferred to the camps...The health 
condition of the refugees is good in general...USA has still decided to 
accept 20.000 Kosovo refugees from Macedonia...New shipments of 
humanitarian assistance arrived in Macedonia...

Referring to the announcement given by the President of Republic of 
Macedonia about declaring a state of a direct war danger, the 
Vice-president of the Government, Miss Dosta Dimovska, stated that: " Our 
state is functioning, all the institutions of the system are functioning, 
the situation is mostly stabile, so such a statement (of the President) is 
not in correlation with the real condition at all". Also, the Minister of 
Internal Affairs, Mr. Pavle Trajanov was precise claiming that " there 
aren't any conditions to declare a pre-war or a war state in Macedonia".
According to the announcement of the Ministry of Information of RM, several 
conclusions have come up on  yesterday's meeting of the Crisis 
Headquarters, that was also attended by the UN Vice High Commissioner for 
Refugees. On this meeting, the ways of improving the cooperation between 
the UNHCR and competent institutions of RM were discussed. Also, it was 
agreed that the delivery of the humanitarian assistance to the host 
families where the refugees are sheltered should start. The assistance will 
be provided by the UNHCR, and will be distributed by the Red Cross of 
Yesterday, the Minister of Defence, Mr. Nikola Kljusev has demanded from 
UNHCR to cover the expenses that Macedonian enterprises and state 
institutions have concerning the sheltering of humanitarian assisted 
UNHCR intends to pay $1 million in advance for the construction of the 
camps, but the Minister Kljusev thinks that this is not enough and that the 
expenses should be covered fully and in due time
The people from Kosovo, that have entered Macedonia in the last few days 
trough the illegal passages near the villages Lojane and Malino are 
dislocated, stated the Vice-secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 
Mr. Aleksandar Doncevski. He also stressed out that until yesterday at 
9:00, 4.183 people were sheltered, 800 in Blace, and the rest in Stenkovec 
and Brazda. About 1.300 people are still in Lojane. The transferring of the 
refugees from the v. Malino is more difficult because of the 
inaccessibility of the terrain. Concerning that, a help in vehicles is been 
asked from NATO and it has been confirmed as well.
The registration of the people from Kosovo that are hosted in the families 
is still in processing. Although, it is estimated that the number of the 
people that should attain the status of  humanitarian assisted persons is 
80.000,until now only 70.241 people have attained it.
The Vice-minister of Health Care, Mr. Muharem Negipi, stated yesterday that 
the health condition of the humanitarian assisted persons from Kosovo in 
the camps is generally good , with an increased number of respiratory 
infections. To retain this situation, the consistence of the population in 
the camps should be reduced, which means that in the camps should not be 
sheltered more than 15.000, the humanitarian units should be settled and 
the garbage should be removed. Also it was stressed out, that it is 
necessary to remove the people with new born babies from the camps to 
There aren't any occurrences of mass infective illnesses. According to the 
information of the Republic's Health Care Institute, the laboratory 
analysis did not show any infective illnesses among the refugees. The 
completing of the teams that will, together with UNHCR, vaccinate the 
refugees in camps and the ones hosted in families, is in processing.
According to the Ministry of Health Care, since the beginning of the 
refugee wave, 30 persons have died and 104 babies were borne so far.
The Minister of Education ,dr.Nenad Novkovski stated for MIA, that the 
teaching of the refugee children  will be performed in the organized way, 
and he also insisted on gathering as many children as possible.
Air Bridge
The process of evacuation of the refugees from Macedonia during the last 
days is decelerating. The Crises Headquarters asked for all the camps to be 
transit centers and the announced quotes for sending the refugees in other 
countries to be obeyed. If the announced quotes are fulfilled, 110.000 
people from Kosovo would leave Macedonia. Unfortunately, only 29% of the 
announced quotes are effectuated so far.
USA have decided to give temporary status " refugees" to about 20.000 
Kosovo refugees that are staying in RM now, informed the western agencies. 
The plan that predicts sheltering the refugees with their families already 
living in the USA, or with the families who have volunteered to host them, 
is still into consideration Their sheltering will be temporary, and after 
the war they will be returned to their homes. USA have previously given up 
the idea of  temporary sheltering of 20.000 Kosovo refugees in the American 
military-marine base Guantanamo in Cuba.
402 Kosovar refugees were transported yesterday to Belgium, Poland and 
Table according to UNHCR

	CAMP		Assisted persons
1	STENKOVEC 1 (Brazda)	Tr.cen.	29,300
2	STENKOVEC 2	Tr.cen.	12,800
3	BOJANE	Camp	3,200
4	NEPROSTENO	Camp	3,300
5	RADUSA	Camp	1,500
6	SENOKOS	Camp	550
7	RADUSA (baracs)	Gat.cen.	400
8	CEGRANE	Camp	0
	TOTAL		51,050

At the camp Bojane there are  4.200 humanitary assisted persons at the 
moment. The Turkish Red Cross(TRC) is in charge of the camp. All the 
refugees are  having tents, blankets and mattresses. There is a camp 
kitchen as well, where the refugees are getting hot meals. So far 12 
builded and 24 field toilets are placed in the camp, and 40 in total are 
MCIC and Norwegian Church Aid  are starting with placement of 40 showers. 
The teams of  Skopje Health Center and TRC are taking care of the people's 
health in the camps. It must be stressed out that great deal of the 
refugees in the camp are throwing the powder milk procured by TRC, as well 
as the blankets that are too thin or wet from  the rain. There are 50 
trunks with humanitarian  help from Turkey, and TRC is already expecting 
the arrival of 18 more. The contains of  11 of them will be given to the 
Macedonian Red Cross. Today TRC have given to the Macedonian Ministry of 
Health medicaments and other medical issues 100-150.000DM worth.

Yesterday MCIC teams have urgently distributed 2 trunks of food (4.500 
breads, 1.400 kg. sausages and 4.500L of milk) in the villages Tanushevci 
and Malino, where during the last days, few thousands   people from Kosovo 
have arrived , through the Vitina region (FR Yugoslavia), illegally passing 
the border near the village Malino(RM).
Other organizations
CRS and Caritas are continuing with daily distribution of food in 
Stenkovec, procured by World Food Programme.
In order to reduce the smuggling in Stenkovec, yesterday, the canteen was 
supposed to start working.
Yesterday, 13.5 T of humanitary help in food for adults and babies have 
arrived in Skopje, thanks to the food processing industry
" Podravka" from Croatia, stated  The Embassy of  R .Croatia in Skopje.
Also , yesterday at the passing Bogorodica, 27 trunks of  humanitarian 
help, mainly tents, blankets, sleeping bags, flower and beans, from 
Austria, Greece, Holland and Bulgaria have entered Macedonia from Greece.

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