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Subject: MCIC's Daily Update 27 April
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 15:46:10 +0200
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       ON SITUATION IN MACEDONIA         Tuesday, April 27, 1999
More than 3.000 people from Kosovo have entered Macedonia...There is no 
place in the Macedonian camps anymore...About 5.000 more refugees could be 
sheltered in Chegrane starting onThursday...The UNHCR has announced 
increasment of the daily evacuation...Yesterday, the first number of the 
Albanian newspaper "Koha Ditore" was published in Macedonia, one month 
after destroying of the printing house in Prihtina.


According to the information of the Operational headquarters at the 
Ministry of Internal Affairs, during yesterday 3.239 people from Kosovo 
entered Macedonia at the border passage Blace, 179 at Jazince and 10 at 
Only 548 of them had traveling documents, and the other 2.880 had not.
It is expected today that 2-3.000 more people from Kosovo will enter at the 
border passage Blace. According to the unofficial information about 30.000 
people from Yugoslav side are moving towards Macedonia.


Until yesterday, 178.615 refugees have entered Macedonia. According to the 
official data from the Government of RM, 83.159 people have attained the 
status of humanitarian assisted persons (HAP).
The UNHCR announced that 78.600 people from Kosovo are sheltered in 
Macedonian households.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs Headquarters in Kumanovo, announced that 
at the moment more than 12.000 people from FR Yugoslavia are sheltered in 
Kumanovo, and 6.135 of them have attained the status of HAP. The Kumanovo 
regional unit of the Ministry of Education and Recreation has informed that 
1.059 children-refugees, who are attending the local high schools "Naim 
Frasheri", "Bajram Shabani", as well  as the primary schools in v. 
Cherkesko, Slupchane, Lopate, Lojane, Lipkovo, Matejche, Otlja, and 
Romanovce, are registered.
At the Local Red Cross 2.923 people have attained the status of HAP.

According to local organisations of Red Cross in Kichevo, Struga and Ohrid 
as well as the Civil security Headquarters of Debar municipality, in these 
and in the neighboring municipalities, 14.000 refugees have been registered 
and sheltered, until now.
In Kichevo and in the neighboring municipalities Zajas and Oslomej, as HAPs 
are registered 2.234 refugees from Kosovo. They are sheltered in private 
buildings, and their number is constantly increasing because of the 
reuniting of the families. About 25 T of food and hygienic issues were 
distributed until now, within the assistance provided by the UNHCR, but 
this is not even nearly enough to meet the actual needs.
According to the Civil Security Headquarters of Debar, more than 3.500 
refugees are sheltered in the city and its surroundings, most of them in 
the host families. It was requested from the Government of RM to permit the 
construction of a camp for 800 refugees in Debar. This was requested 
because of the need of dislocation of the people who are sheltered in the 
hotel objects of the term baths Kosovrasti  and Banjishte in the beginning 
of the tourist season. In Struga and in the neighboring places, there are 
7.500 HAPs. Only 7.300 of them have received humanitarian assistance, 
because all the reserves have finished and the new quantities of 
humanitarian assistance are expected to arrive in the beginning of May.
In Ohrid, 539 people have received the humanitarian assistance , and this 
number is increasing every day.


There is no place for the refugees in the camps in Macedonia. UNHCR stated 
that there are 26.200 persons in Stenkovec 1, Stenkovec 2 -16.100 persons, 
Neproshteno-6.000 persons, Bojane-3.900 persons, Radusha-1.500 persons, 
Radusha center-400 persons, Senokos-450 persons and in the centre on the 
passing Blace- 2.600 persons.
The refugees that will enter Macedonia today can not be sheltered in the 
camps. UNHCR announced that they will be accepted in the refugee centre 
Blace and will probably spend the night on the open air in the sleeping 
The solution to these problems is searched in enabling the camp Chegrane 
that will most probably be able to accept 5.000 refugees on Thursday, and 
it is expected to accept 1.000 each day. So far, the planned capacity of 
the camp is 20.000. Referring to this camp, UNHCR has stated on today's 
press conference that there are certain problems with Macedonian 
construction enterprises that insist on doing the watersupply and 
sanitation work, while UNHCR wants to give that to the NGO specialists. The 
negotiations are still in process.
There are 58.200 persons staying in the camps. High concentration of the 
people in the camps causes security, sanitation and health problems. Few 
cases of missals are registered in Stenkovec1, as well as Hepatitis in 

Air Bridge
Through the Air Bridge for transportation of the refugees from Macedonia to 
other countries, yesterday 1252 refugees were transported in Holland, 
Norway, Sweden, France, Turkey, Finland, and Croatia.
Referring the Air Bridge, UNHCR announced encreasment of the daily 
evacuation. As an illustration to this, the planned numbers for today-1183 
and tomorrow-1859 were presented. It was stressed out that present daily 
average of 300 evacuated refugees from Macedonia has increased to 1.000 
daily and it is planned to keep it up. Regarding the circumstances, 
evacuation of 70.000 persons is possible, and 36.451 are realised so far.

As we already informed, on Friday was published the tender for food and 
hygienic issues from Macedonian producers, that will be distributed to the 
refugees staying with the families and socially endangered persons in 
Macedonia, as monthly packages. Collecting of offers and choosing the best 
one is in process, and it is expected that distribution of the help should 
start in may, and continue in June and July 1999.
In the camp Bojane the joint activities with NCA for construction of 
toilets, that were necessary considering the number of the refugees, is 

Other Organisations
CRS are supplying 10.000 L of milk, 5.000 L of juice, 10.000 PCs of chicken 
paste, 1 T of cream cheese, 10.000 fish cans and 3T of fruit in the camp 
Stenkovec every day. CRS are observing the distribution of their help from 
the local NGOs. Some irregulations in distribution were noticed in Tetovo. 
CRS will with monthly distribution of help to 10.000 families hosting the 
refugees and 6.000 socially endangered people from the country.
Yesterday was issued the first edition of the Kosovo Albanians newspaper 
"Koha Ditore", one-month after the ruining of the printing house in 
Prishtina, where was printed before. The newspaper was freely distributed 
among the refugees in the camp Brazda. During the last night, 10.000 units 
of this issue were printed in Skopje. France participates in printing with 
60 % of the finances that will be about 600.000 French francs.
"Dnevnik" informs that about 46 humanitary organisations have submitted a 
request for registration in RM.
They still can not send any help, because they are not registered. 
According to the article, the registration procedure is slowed, because MNR 
has to give the opinion on that as well, that should be proceeded to the 
The President of the International Red Cross Committee, Kornelio Samaruga 
met the Yugoslavian president,
who has given him all the " safety guarantees" for coming back to the Red 
Cross to all the parts in war, for completing the solidarity mission.

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