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Syndicate: (Fwd) Attention, Attention

Is someone interested to camping in the war region? Read this:

Another positive outcome of the refugee crisis-  the price of tents is gign 


      $24.99 FOR 3-MAN DOME TENT + 10% OFF

Looking to go camping? Can't afford a tent?
World's lowest prices on tent sale!!!

    $24.99 for 3-man dome tent
    $34.99 for 4-man dome tent
    $49.99 for 5-man cabin tent

Please visit this site for more information


Extra 10% off the world lowest price!!!

Book your tent by May 10, 1999 and get an extra 10% off!
We will not charge your account until we ship
on the 1st week of June!!!
Please visit here to reserve your tent.


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