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Subject: MCIC daily update on situation 24.04.1999
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 15:16:01 +0200
Organization: MCMS/MCIC
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        ON SITUATION IN MACEDONIA           	Saturday, April 24, 1999

...Another bunker with weapons and munitions discovered...The damage of 
Macedonian economy is worth 800 million DEM until now...According to the 
Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are more than 170.000 Kosovo refugees 
 in Macedonia...Turkey will accept 10.000 refugees more.
Macedonian police has discovered an improvised bunker in Radovishka Krasta 
near Struga where 31 automatic guns and 56.000 peaces of munitions 7,62 
made in China  were hidden. It is supposed that the weapons and munitions 
are illegally brought in Macedonia. Before few days, another bunker was 
discovered with bombs and munitions, near this place.
According to the Labour Union of Macedonia, the damages of Macedonian 
economy have reach over 800 million DEM.
During yesterday, at border passages Blace and Jazince, 1.264 Yugoslav 
citizens who enter Macedonia were registered, among  who 1.071 entered at 
Blace and rest at Jazince.
According to the Macedonian border and military officials, during the last 
days 179 Yugoslav citizens have illegally passed the state border.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, till yesterday, 170.033 
refugees, who were registered, have entered Macedonia. It is supposed that, 
lots of the refugees are still not registered.
Only 24.928 Kosovo refugees have been transferred to other countries, and 
50.982 are humanitarian assisted in the camps in R.Macedonia. 78.471 Kosovo 
refugees have attained the status of humanitarian assisted person.
The Yugoslav citizens who have illegally entered Macedonia, are now in the 
area of the villages Malino and Brest. Their registration started 
yesterday, and 351 people are transported by trucks, first to the village 
Lipkovec then to the transit center Stenkovec.
The Macedonian government has given a green light to UNHCR for identifying 
locations for new camps and extending of the currently existing ones. In 
the camp, a canteen and a kiosk were opened and 3 telephone lines, besides 
the already existing 10, were installed as a donation of Catholic Migration 
Committee, Catholic Relief Services and Caritas- Germany.
One tent  with 25 tables and 50 chairs was also placed, where the classes 
will be conducted for 150 children from first to forth grade of primary 
school by 50 teachers from the camp and 5 education experts from UNICEF.
Until now, 452 refugees from Stenkovec 1 and 2 were reunited thanks to the 
Red Cross of Macedonia.
Approximately 300 people per day are transported trough the air-bridge.
Yesterday, 323 refugees were transported abroad, among who 164 to Turkey 
and 159 to Austria.
Today, it is expected that there  will be one flight to Austria, two to 
Turkey, one to Netherlands and it is still not confirmed about the flight 
to Great Britain.
The teams of MCIC and Norwegian Church Aid, will make the plans for 
sanitation of the new camp in Chegrane today, together with the UNHCR and 
Technische Hilfwerke.
In the camp Bojane, the digging for instalment of showers and improving of 
the sanitation is in processing.
Other organisations
UNICEF has sent food, blankets, mattresses, clothes, hygienic and baby 
products, canisters and pills for cleaning of the water to the new arrived 
refugees who are temporarily sheltered in Blace and Stenkovec.
The Turkish President, Mr. Sulejman Demirel stated today for CNN that 
Turkey will accept 10.000 more refugees from Kosovo. According to Demirel, 
Turkey will build camps for 10.000 refugees in Macedonia and Albania as 
well. Including this last efforts of the Turkish Government, the number of 
people who will be humanitarian assisted by Turkey will reach 50.000.
The Canadian Government, stated yesterday that they will offer 30 million 
Canadian dollars more as a humanitarian assistance, so till the end of the 
crisis this assistance could reach the amount of 100 million Canadian 
dollars. Until now Canadian Government has provided humanitarian assistance 
worth 59 million Canadian dollars.
At the airport Petrovec, 107.884 kg of humanitarian assistance arrived 
yesterday by 5 planes.
It is mainly consisted of food, medicines and other products for the Kosovo 
refugees sheltered in Macedonia. The assistance arrived from Cairo, England 
and Germany. According to the information from the airport, humanitarian 
assistance from Austria is been announced for today.
A seminar was held in the Ministry of Health Care, for the medicine teams 
of  Health Centers from Skopje, Tetovo and Gostivar and the medicine teams 
of the humanitarian NGOs who will execute the action for immunization of 
the children in the camps in cooperation with IMC, UNICEF and WHO. About 
9.000 children from 0-47 months old will be vaccinated with the following 
vaccines: BSG, DTP, OPV and MPR. The refugee-children sheltered in the 
families will be vaccinated after finishing of the action in the camps.
UNICEF is publishing brochures concerning the vaccination, which are 
distributed in the camps.
Yesterday, one part of the medicines and sanitation issues that have 
arrived as humanitarian assistance were distributed to the medicine centers 
in Tetovo, Bitola, Kichevo, Kumanovo, Struga, Debar, Gostivar, Skopje to 
the Clinic Center-Skopje and NGO " Mediciens du Monde" as well, stated the 
Ministry of Information of RM.
The spokesman of NATO in RM Eric Mignot, informed that from the beginning 
of the refugee crisis, 4.800 T of humanitarian assistance arrived in 

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