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Re: Syndicate: Art & the Strategy of Absence against...

On 15-Feb-00, Saman Farazdaghi wrote:
>Jon wrote:
>>I am sure that it is not
>> for nothing that LEFT in latin languages happens to be sinistra, or
>> connected to sinister (evil, bad, etc.), and RIGHT is, well, "right" -

Right on! Tout le droit! Rechtdoor!

Stay right if you want to get ahead!

Actually, I remember (in the 70's) Prof. Eynsink (In "sense and nonsense in
psychology" -I believe) wrote that "left" and "right" were inadequate and that
one needed at least a 2 dimensional space which included the dimension "force
<-> freedom".

i.e. Not only could one believe that society should support the group or the
individual -but this could also be backed up by force or individual choice.

The so called "extreme right" and "extreme left" would then take the same
regarding the use of violence to support their aims -although the aims
intended to be achieved by
the violence would be opposed to each other.

Presumably there are more useful (theoretical?) "dimensions" to be found -but
until more people understand the concept of "multi-dimensional conceptual
space" they cannot be used profitably in a discussion.


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