trevor on Tue, 15 Feb 2000 19:36:53 +0500

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Re: Syndicate: Haider's minority and being left o

On 15-Feb-00, wrote:

>And Trevor in Amsterdam wrote:

><<  Do you think your radical (as in root) attempt to turn radishes into 
>has anything to do with a background in a more formal medium such as film? >>

>Maybe.  re your commentary on web art I can't say I've seen any so far that 
>I'd actually call "art" not that I have looked that hard, but the looking so 
>far (on tips from friends, etc.) hasn't prompted much desire to look for 

Oh dear -are you suggesting that the macho keizer not only has no cloths on
but is also rather emasculated?

Complaining about the artistic information super-highway smothering the global
village with mental air pollution?

What kind of radical reactionary left/right wing talk is that!

><< I guess Amsterdam is a bit too far to deliver with your Vespa! >>

>Well maybe we could works something out, and exchange of pizza for legal 
>commodities in the Netherlands considered no no's here. 

Anchovies and green olives in exchange for wooden clogs and Gouda cheese?  


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