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Re: Syndicate: Art & the Strategy of Absence against...

Jon wrote:
>I am sure that it is not
> for nothing that LEFT in latin languages happens to be sinistra, or
> connected to sinister (evil, bad, etc.), and RIGHT is, well, "right" -
> correct, etc. (and statistically most people are right-handed).  Good to
> out from under this linguistic yoke.  Likewise good to get out from this
> of binary white/black, right/wrong, good/bad mentality which is way way to
> simple for the complexities of the real world.

Actually, there's an interesting story behind sinistra.  It  has to do with
the roman soldiers. They marched in single file, holding there shields in
their left hands and their swords in their right.  Each soldier was then
protected by the shield belonging to the guy in front of him.  If you got
stuck behind a left handed guy, you had no shield in front of you protecting
you - a very negative and bad situation indeed ...

Isn't the left/right political thing a holdover from the French Assembly?
One voting block sat on one side of the house, the other on the other side
of the house (post
revolution as I seem to recall?)



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