Jean-Philippe HALGAND on Fri, 11 Feb 2000 18:59:54 +0100

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Syndicate: EVENT : Arco 2000 WGP starts in 30 minutes at !!!!

dear artists and art amateurs

As you know all, in less than 30 minutes, at 7.30 pm GMT+1 Paris, France Time,

The first Net Horse race will start with 13 artist competing for net art fame and a great trophy
at Arco 2000's international Art Feria in Madrid (Spain)!!!!!

the race will be displayed either on tokyo, and on Arco, El Pais and

starting signal will be given on irc chan : #pavu 
on  server :
port : 6667 or 7000
java web access at

to run your horse, choose it amongst a list of 13 famous contenders from all around the world
clic and clic at
to make it run faster and faster
listen to the hurrahs of the audience, share the deceipts and congratulate the winner!!!!!
Sure there will be data noise but this is the sport fever !!!
Join us now!!! 
enjoy excit'ment
enjoy pavu !!
-/ welcome to a plining world ! /-

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