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Re: Syndicate: rumenian sans papiers in italy

>A group of fifty rumenian workers occupied two days ago the main church
>of Lucca, Tuscany. They are women, men and children forced to leave
>Rumenia after they remained without jobs, most of them were miners, as
>an effect of the expansion of western companies and corporates to
>eastern Europe. They all come from Timisoara where they struggled ten
>years ago to overthrow Ceasescu's regime and now face european policies
>against migrants.

Just a correction: in Romania one cannot be a miner and a dweller in
Timisoara at the same time, since the mining regios are in different
locations than the above named city. For the rest, mining is a problem that
western Europe should look into more carefully, since it already proved its
explosive potential, locally at least.

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