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Syndicate: rumenian sans papiers in italy


A group of fifty rumenian workers occupied two days ago the main church
of Lucca, Tuscany. They are women, men and children forced to leave
Rumenia after they remained without jobs, most of them were miners, as
an effect of the expansion of western companies and corporates to
eastern Europe. They all come from Timisoara where they struggled ten
years ago to overthrow Ceasescu's regime and now face european policies
against migrants. They spent all the money they got from selling their
homes and fields to corrupt border officers to arrive in Italy six
months ago. They lived in a former hospital in a village near Lucca
where their relations with the local people are very good. They
elaborated a project to have a normal life here in Italy, the project
has been approved by both regional and provincial administrations.

The social centre in Lucca, local unions, catholic groups for voluntary
work and other associations are struggling in solidarity with them. Many
employers declared their readiness to give a job to all the 27 heads of
family. The bishop of Lucca supports their protest. The local police and
the italian ministry for internal affairs decided that the rumenian
workers must leave the italian soil in 15 days and their decision takes
in no consideration the requests of these people and the project they

This is only the last episode of the policy against migrants carried on
by the neoliberist italian government with detention centres and no
rights for foreign citizens coming from poor countries. Countries that
are poor because of global capitalism. We state our solidarity with the
rumenian workers in Lucca and with every woman and man asking for human
conditions in our country.

We will continue our struggle for a radically different welcome policy
in Italy and Europe, to shut down existing so called "welcome centres"
(in fact real lager for migrants) and to prevent new such places to be
opened, for the free circulation of men. We will keep protesting against
the opening of a centre in Tuscany in the neighborhood of Florence.

Movimento Antagonista Toscano Comunicazione Antagonista
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