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Re: Syndicate: Art & The Strategy of Absence against nazism

Lorenzo Taiuti a ecrit :

>   "ART & The STRATEGY OF ABSENCE AGAINST NAZISM"I have been  following
> the discussion on not showing art in Austria as a protest against the
> presence of the new (and unthinkable) Nazi Minister.It seems to me
> that contemporary art ( even new techonology art) has the
> characteristic of being a borderline language, stayng on several
> borders between media, technology, popular arts, comunications.In no
> way his modern function becomes a weigth to play in social forces.Art
> has weigth only when arrived to Modern Art Museums (that to look
> popular are becoming more and more flashy, impressive,
> magniloquents).Exactly the contrary of what contemporary art wants to
> be.But can you ask a Contemporary Art Museum to strike as a
> protest?The refusal of glamorous (and excellent ) actresses like
> Catherine Deneuve and Claudia Cardinale to be present in Wien for an
> "official evening" (a dance!) has made first page on italian
> newspapers defining to most people the reality of this political and
> moral scandal.The possibility for contemporary art to act could be the
> contrary.Not "Absence" but obsessive "Presence" with the theme of the
> antagonism between democracy and nazism repeated in several temathic
> shows til the protest becomes visible.Art today plays an endless
> guerrilla with the established ideas. It surely can find tools to
> fight a guerrilla against the theme of nazism.
>  CiaoLorenzo Taiuti


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