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Re: [oldboys] Re: maria fernandez/suhail malik on cyberfeminism

tnx pauline, 

for posting the whole piece and putting it in context.
i started by just quoting in order to shed some light on the... aehm, case.

>Donna Haraway is very mystified by this resurgence in interest ;) ).

reg. this i'd say that it just reflects a general need for 'prophecy', and if a thinker manages to condense a complex construct of ideas into a handy formula like a manifesto, a star is born.

i, personally, always understood cyberfeminism as an operational mode which is first of all, based on activity, which means you become a cyberfeminist by developing your own cyberfeminist theory/ piece/ work/thought - whatever medium you prefer to work in - and contribue this to the discourse. the discourse, at least the one around obn is not just open enough to allow all possible approaches, but obn's basic idea is to build platforms which allow exactly this. 

that is why i have never accepted a critique like the one from maria, saying cyberfeminism is not political or critical or radical or whatever nice adverbs there are around. why doesn't she [simply] formulate her idea of a political cyberfeminism and contributes it? why is it the better political gesture to blame others for not doing what i think has to be done? i am happy that this very comfortable gesture doesn't work any longer with cyberfeminism.

and i am really looking forward to her political approach to cyberfeminism.


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