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[oldboys] maria fernandez on cyberfeminism

pls. see at 'mute' issue 20 full version
or maybe maria can send it to the list!?

-->shortcuts page 10

whatever happened to the cyborg manifesto?


...But in contrast to Haraway's feminist, socialist and antiracist politics, cyberfeminism eschewed definitions, political affiliations (including feminism) and even goals.*

The political effectiveness of so undirected a movement is still to be dertemined. Issues of race and racism, primary in Haraway's formulation of the cyborg, have been avoided in cyberfeminism. This silence could prove as destructive here as it was to second wave US feminism. One can only hope that cyberfeminism is still open to transformations.


...Cyberfeminists followed Haraway's lead to associate on the basis of affinities, but at present, with some exceptions, these affinities tend to be career-oriented rather than political.

* see 100 anti-theses
faith wilding "where is feminism in cyberfeminism"

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