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Re: [oldboys] Re: maria fernandez/suhail malik on cyberfeminism

dear mary jo,

i hope you do not spend to much time and energy on the nagtive approaches to cyberfeminism;-)

there's also a lot of positive ones :-))


>Could we have bio/professional background info on Fernandez and Malik,

Maria Fernandez (USA) <>
is an art historian (Ph.D. Columbia University, 1993) whose
interests center on postcolonial studies, electronic media theory, Latin
American Art and the intersection of those fields. She has taught at
Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of
Pittsburgh,  the University of Connecticut at Storrs and at the Master of
Fine Arts Program at Vermont College.
Selected texts:  "Postcolonial Media Theory" Third Text, 47 (summer, 1999) 
expanded version in Art Journal, fall 1999.
"New Canons, Old Histories..."

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