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Re: [oldboys] flowers // oldboys commitment and the question of whois

dear boys and friends,

as an active lurker i am interested in the obn's strategies and would
like to add a comment/a question concerning flowers and other
representational problems.

kuni wrote:
miss.gunst, due to the negative associations with "Missgunst" can
easily lead to mis(s)interpretations - but well, I have to admit, at
least in part this is part of the game.

my question is: whose game is it? is it a game two or three agreed upon,
and if so, does it follow the plan to label an action as obn's action
like helene described?
i thought it was an interesting compromise between solo action and group
consensus to decide that whenever a number of like three women plan
something they can use the label 'obn'. did i get it right that this
minimal consensus  was left in the flower thing? the hint that here is 'a
list behind' then would not supply for leaving the principle obn agreed
upon before, would it?

miss.gunst@gmx.net wrote:

> (... I think in some cases acting in the name of obn should
> imply or at least allow the interpretation the action has its origins
> _in a network_ (that obviously consists of individuals with
> individual standpoints, as it is _not_ a group).

if so, anybody can do anything, and 'obn' would mean something new: a
label one cannot 'rely upon' in a conventional way, a no label-label,
because one could not expect anything 'typical' behind it. even if the
only 'typical' about obn was its diversity, i knew that there was that
common principle of dissent, and it seems to me that this principle is
being quit, right?

my impression is, that whatever we chose from the range of a) to c), no
one needed to feel related to that choice, if this has not even been the
case so far concerning the core group's decisions, so why make that

please tell me...
best wishes
ulrike bergermann

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