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Re: <nettime> don't be afraid of 'project fear'

Hi all, James, Dave 

and my apologies if I have insulted anyone, by being rude in
asking "Why should I care?" 'bout Brexit. It was not my intention.

I am aware it is a serious issue, but I am bit over-saturated with it as
it just overwhelms everything else and goes on like never-ending
badly directed noir episode of Neighbours.

I got inspired to ask you all this question, however trivial that is -
by a Clipper lighter I bought recently in Firenze.

It reads: 

"Keep calm and bischero chi legge."

Or to translate the and paraphrase it: "Keep calm and "stupid who reads

Bischero was an old Fiorentine family who refused to sell the
property to the authorities when asked to do so and the same property was
burned to the ground later on, loosing the even the initial value that has
been offered. 
So Bischeri or bischero became a synonym for stupid, so there 
I have somehow found a direct link to Brexit saga.

In my valuable and recent conversations with Patrice, it was his position
that ugly people with their evil looking wives in extravagant and expensive
hats are trying to make a Singapore-like entity out of GB to preserve and
sustain exactly what James had written a couple of month ago on the
ownership of a land and who the real owners of GB are. 

Also James' last answer and a position on "Why should we care?" issue is a
great , as always and I agree and understand it.

But I have issues on the solidarity matters and also a "Romanian babies"
syndrome lurking out of the dark. 

Picture this:
N.N. African - Magrebian - Semite - lost at the sea - amongst thousands of
other children, babies, women, young and old man and yet we swim all over
the Med and Adriatic in their atoms and particles, eat fat crabs and fish
fed by "miserere" on all the fronts that define us as human while our
bodies are awashed with their hopes and expectations that "our"
civilisation or a society will enable for them and perhaps give them a
chance alas - to no avail. And they die trying while T.I.N.A.

So this is the hardest reality of the society we live in. 
Double or even triple-faced horror of lies and ignorance of our every day's

As in comparison to it a Brexit is the first world, white, rich people's
problem that no doubt should be discussed about, but..really? 
For so long and at such pace?

All right , maybe so but then again, at least please be careful about the
double-sided  propaganda, as apparently "a cuppa is taken by EU" already,
so do not go into the "we will all die if we exit and we'll lack of this or
that" because you just might not. 

On a political level and British citizens and EU citizens will have a
reciprocity and that has been guaranteed by both divorcing sides. 
Ask Jeremy Hunt and his Chinese wife. They know.
Ongoing effort for a snap election is not a bad thing, mind you and can
prevent Brexit, so go for it asap.

As for when I meant  "North Ireland given to RI" was not to be given by
GB, but taken away from GB by EU and put in a proper place. So that
at least some of the pro-Brexit arguments stand.  

Gibraltar too is a backstop but nobody seems to mention it. 
Spain is hardly mature enough, as we have seen the Catalan case of
"self-determination", to do anything, so both failed states do really need
a patronage by EU of some form. 

As for me,  one involuntary and by heritage witness to Rhodesian,
Angolan and Balkan kinetic events (a wars) - my advice is :

Do not ask for independence, justice or anything at all from the state if
you are not well armed and well prepared, en masse. 

What matters is to stop speculating who does what in a retarded
political society hidden behind laws dating from 1400's never being
updated or adjusted to a present and go on the streets hard, as hatred
British "elite" only understands the force of the people and is very
much afraid of it. 

Probably because a Guillotine driven style French revolution is a long
overdue in British isle, wouldn't you agree?

Democracy is just a magic dust that these (smart and evil) people sprinkle
in our eyes to hide their deeds behind our blurred view, so please stop
believing in it.

A rather long time ago they have taken the gloves off, so why don't you?

Also I read some of the arguments here as in :

They finally came to knock at your door, as before it didn't matter, or
how to understand it otherwise?
As for the BoJo and populist architects club of the Brexit I wholeheartedly
understand and support a Stalin's answer when asked about executing the

"No man. No problem."
Just ask Pim. 


the best t-shirt I have seen recently on someone passing by is:

I still hate Thatcher.


(who has a brother living in London)

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