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Re: <nettime> don't be afraid of 'project fear'

just a quick question: Why should we care about Brexit and England at all? It just takes so much energy and resources out of all of the rest. ‎I think we have much more important issues in EU. Who cares about arrogant, failed and backward country that gets the backlash it deserves? Scots and Welsh should separate and stay in EU, North Ireland given to the Republic of Ireland - problem solved. And we have the third class Singapore alike creation of what's left of GB.

Hi Harv,
just a quick response to your pertinent "why should we care question”. 

Let me ask who is the ‘we’ you are refering to ? EU citizens ? Do you include the millions of EU citizens livng in the 
UK sometimes for decades who now don’t know if they are on their "arse or their elbows"? Or maybe you are generous enough to
include the Brits who have made their lives in the EU countries and whose world have been thrown into turmoil. Maybe its the 'we' who 
have families with partners and children.  

Sorry if me wanging on about the plight of millions of individual citizens who are about to lose their rights seems to you of no 
consequence (and compared with the plight of refugee migrants it can seem like a marginal issue sure). Also the technicalities 
can be quite boring and procedural I know unless you have some interest in the variaties of constitutional law 
when it falls into crisis. Quite nerdy I know but nettime is a space where nerdy discussion and passionate politics can meet.. right? 

More broadly there may even be something to learn from the particular forms of populism that spring from politicians who hijack constitutions 
and claim that “speaking for the people” using it to ride roughshod over constitutional legal norms that have evolved over generations. 
This has echoes in a number of other countries. But perhaps you are lucky enough not to live in one of those countries and can simply 
turn your back and say why should 'we’ care. Whoever this big “we” are


David Garcia   


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